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Stub End Flange are replaced to welded flanges when you have to rotate the backup flanges. They are also called as Vanstone Flared Laps. Stub End Flange is always applicable with a Lap Joint Flange. This works as backing flange and is useful in low-pressure and unfussy applications. Anyways, this is the cheapest way of flanging. Hydro Flange manufactures stub ends in all pipe diameters with dimensional tolerances which are in ASME B.16.9 standard levels. MSS SP43 defines light-weight corrosion resistant Stub Ends.The installation of stub ends is generally in pairs and joint together using two lap joint flanges. There is a shorthand indented outer covering on the surface of stub ends which helps in avoiding leakage at joint. Using stub ends, you can clean check or substitute pipe systems without actually re-welding them. There are two basic standard types of stub ends which are A.S.A Long Barrel and M.S.S Short Barrel.The A.S.A Long Barrel stub ends are useful specific draft proof like temperature or pressure etc. where it is impossible to have joint among stub end and pipe closer to flange joint. The M.S.S short barrel is used in flange industries with regular flat face lap joint flanges. The lap thickness of the schedule pipe and stub end depends should perfectly match and the outer base must have a curved machine radius which helps the lap joint flange to chum level the stub ends. Hydro Flange manufactures the most suitable to your application Stub ends.
Stub End Flange
Stub End Flange
Working of Stub Ends Flange

The backup surface of a stub end consists of an opposite rotating backup flange. Further, when you add bolts, the bolts clamping action presses the rotating backup flange against the stub end’s back. This leads to the gasket surface of tube press against a gasket and then another gasket surface supplying joints such as standard flange joints. This seal is made by the gasket surface of the stub end alone whereas the flange just gives the clamping pressure to the joint.Stub ends are widely used for they are made of such raw materials which are suitable with the designed piping plant systems. Moreover, stub ends can be made using cheap raw materials as it is never in contact with the process fluid.

Types of Stub Ends Flange
The manufacturing process of stub ends flange involves of two ways. Type A and B Stub Ends are designed the same as that of forged fittings like elbows and flanges. Type C Stub Ends are created according to the desired pipe dimensions. There two standard lengths of stub ends which are MSS and ANSI. They are usually supplied with a standard weld bevel.

Type A Stub Ends Flange
Here the lap thickness is greater than the minimum thickness of the pipe wall. The outer corner of type “A” is radiused to adjust the Lap Joint Flanges as the inner corner is in square. However, the Lap face is usually machine serrated.

Type B Stub Ends Flange
These are used particularly with standard Slip-On flanges which act a Lap Joint Fanges. Even here, the lap thickness is greater than the minimum thickness of pipe wall. Anyhow, here the outer corner radius is small so this helps to adjust the slip-on flanges which are temporarily used as the backup flange. Also, the inner corner is square again. And a machine serrated lap face is present.

Type C Stub Ends Flange
Generally applicable for usage with standard lap joint flanges and slip on flanges, the lap of a type “C” is flared above which leaves behind an edge which is round in shape at the inner lap diameter. However, you can turn this into square as and when needed. This type “C” again has short outer fillet radius which helps in adjusting any backup flange. Strangely enough, the lap face in type “C” is not machined but is smooth enough.
Type “CS” Stub Ends Flange Much similar to type “C”, CS Stub ends flange has a lap face with concentric serrations that are supplemented during the manufacturing or making process.

Hydro Flange works with a cause to make the best Stub Ends flange available in the world. We see to it that all our processing is harmonious with sustainable development management and also the employees become professional while working with us. With our advance technology, we look forward to enhance the economic and social growth of our industry as well as the country.
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Hydro Flange has employees with years of experience in manufacturing stub end flange. Further, all our products go through durability, precision and accuracy tests to verify and test if each and every output stands up to the mark. We supply a standard weld bevel along with the stub ends and are in various shapes such as flanged, squared, and threaded with Victaulic ends. Amazing price rates are available for our stub ends in the market.